Found wood construction of a horse at the Collection de l'Art Brut Lausanne, Switzerland, 2007. Photo: L. Moriarity.

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Content research, writing, images, and production: Lesa Moriarity, B.F.A., M.A., [B.Ed.] Teacher Candidate, Artist in Community Education program, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 2007.

Travel & Accomodation funding provided by: Elliott/Upitis/Bamji Travel Fellowship, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 2007.



On my first trip to Paris, 2003, I encountered the art works at Halle St.Pierre in Montmartre. As the gallery was closing for the day, I had only a short time there. The next day I was leaving and my early morning visit was not possible due to inventory taking at the museum that day. What I saw, still, of the Museum inspired and excited me. I continued to study art brut/outsider art and its history on my own over the next few years. I never expected the opportunity to return for independent study in 2007, thanks to the Elliot/Upitis/Bamji Travel Fellowship and the Artist in Community Education program, Faculty of Education, Queen's University.

Conversations with staff and on-site visits to collections cannot be matched by books or web visits. In Paris and Lausanne, I was given the beginning of a sense of the culture and history of official art and art brut/outsider art that I could not have achieved otherwise. For instance, I found out the term Art Singuleur was a contemporary term coined by an artist living in France to establish today's artists from Dubuffet's history and his term Art Brut. My plans also changed. Instead of going to Lille's collection, as it was not open for exhibit, I was told about the amazing Lausanne collection; the core of which is Dubuffet's original Art Brut collection. It was incredibly helpful.

I received my Bachelor of Education degree, for Intermediate/Senior levels, in the unique Artist in Community Education program, Queen's University, Canada, 2007. I work as a professional artist and arts educator, as well as professional graphic designer (mostly educational orgs), gardener, interior painter, etc. My research based art works involve painting and landscape that engage with art history and the contemporary, and social concerns such as labour. I have exhibited in Canada and England, and launched for my web based art projects in 2006. My B.F.A. is from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, 2000. I received my studio M.A. Feminism and the Visual Arts, Leeds University, England, 2003.

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